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General Information

Download the CASD Enrollment packet here. 

When can you withdrawl your child?
What if we move during the school year?
For all withdrawals during the current school year, the withdrawal process is completed at the school enrolled. CASD requires 24 hours to complete the withdrawal packet from the time you make the request. However, this process can take longer pending the principal’s approval. Upon the request, the student(s) is/are to return all textbooks, library books, athletic uniforms and/or any other school-provided supplies or equipment. Failure to return school property may delay the process.

What if we move over the summer?
If your move is during the summer months, please complete an Official Withdrawal Request Form.

Things that can assist you to ensure a smooth transition:

  • Tell us when your child will be leaving as early as possible.
  • Tell us where you are going and the name of your child's new school and the city, state.
  • Call to discuss withdrawal procedures with the appropriate school personnel at your child's school.
  • When you get to the new school if you need further information or have questions, do not hesitate to call your previous school.
  • Return student device as soon as possible